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AD/PD 2023 talk: SuStaIn in the A4 Study

I prerecorded the audio below (8 minutes) to go with these PDF slides for AD/PD 2023 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Disease Progression Modelling on MRI data Identifies Subtypes with Cognitive Heterogeneity in A4 Study Preclinical Trial Cohort

TL;DR: We used SuStaIn to find MRI-based subtypes in the screening data of the A4 Study clinical trial (preclinical Alzheimer’s disease) and leveraged the ADNI observational dataset to link these subtypes to heterogeneous cognitive decline.

This could potentially wash out any treatment effect (if present) in the A4 study trial. This work was completed before the results of A4 were known.

AD/PD 2023 Talk

Relevant papers:

UCSD ADRC Neurodegeneration Seminar

It was my pleasure to present these slides remotely as part of the UCSD ADRC’s Neurodegeneration Seminar Series this morning (my evening!).

Thanks to Doug Galasko for the invitation.

NISOx talks

I was invited to present today to the NeuroImaging Statistics Oxford (NISOx) reading group of Prof Thomas Nichols at the Oxford Big Data Institute.

I ended up giving two talks after my first talk (on TADPOLE Challenge) generated some interest in the event-based model!

Here are the slides:

Talk at the UK DRI (UCL)

Thanks to Marc Busche for the invitation, I gave a talk at the UK Dementia Research Institute at UCL on 31 October. Looking forward to following up with all the new leads for possible collaborations.

Here are the slides: neiloxtoby.com/work/20191031-ukdri-d3pm_for_trials